Automatic Speech Recognition



Convert your audio to text with just click of a button.  Our engine is also well-trained to handle Indian languages.

Live Speech Recognition

Our engine can transcribe audio from even live audio and video feeds from TV, Radio, Internet players, Telephone, etc.  We currently support Telugu

Cloud based

The ASR system is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere through a secure login

Highly Accurate recognition

Engine recognizes sentences with very high accuracy even when spoken in various accents.  The system also improves on identifying the nouns. 

Keyword Spotting

Once the speech is converted to text, we can spot the keywords and also highlight the text.  We can also take you to the exact time of occurance

Speech Analytics

Using Accurate Keyword Spotting and Automated Phrase Matching, system performs various analytics including sentiment analysis on the speech data and extracting meaningful insights from it.

Takes you to the right "Time Stamp"

When you run analytics on your clip, the system will identify the keyword/phrase and takes you to the exact time stamp where it occurred.

Live Edit

We provide you the provision to edit the live text when you spot a mistake.  After the edit, the system learns automatically about the phrase and where it made a mistake.                                                                 

Customizable to other languages

Our system is highly customizable to accommodate new languages.  We can add a new language within a very short span of time.

“Speech Analytics is gaining momentum as majority of the current analytics is happening over the text files only and not over audio/video files which are getting uploaded into the internet heavily on a daily basis. Once the speech is converted into text using ASR, we can extract any kind of information as required.”

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