Viplav Valluri


Viplav Valluri is an avid technology enthusiast and data driven decisions expert who works on the concepts of technological singularity . He has a Computer Science Engineering degree from VTU and holds an MBA from Babson College.  He worked with McKinsey and Company at Waltham, MA as an External Consultant in designing their next generation Knowledge Management System. He also worked with 24x7Systems as their Vice President and helped the company to penetrate US Department of Defense and US Department of Homeland Security.

Viplav is a staunch proponent of “Technological Singularity” in which both computers and humans will become united. As a propeller to his ideas about Technological Singularity, Viplav is working parallelly on Artificial Intelligence and Genetics.   With the combination of AI and Genetics, Viplav believes that human kind will benefit by leaps and bounds.

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