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The most powerful API platform for Artificial Intelligence in Speech and Text

# 20% more accurate than best search engines in the world in Enterprise Search

# Fastest Speech Recognition API.


Add the power of "Meaning Match" to your products

The Nuronics Platform provides you the fastest “voice-to-meaning” technologies combined with unprecedented accuracy using our proprietary “Meaning Match” algorithm.  The users get to ask questions from multiple areas of interest using voice or text and our engine delivers these complex queries within a fraction of second.  Moreover, you can define your own “wake words” to deliver your brand across all your products.

20% more accurate than best search engines in the world

Platform features the fastest "AI based Inside Document Search Engine"

Give your teams the power of AI to find quick answers from thousands of documents.

Document-Search-Engine by Nuronics
50+ Arenas by Nuronics

More than 50 Arenas...and still adding

Nuronics platform comes with more than 50 arenas in Speech Recognition, Conversational AI, Speaker Recognition, Text-To-Speech, Language Identification, Summarization, Meaning based Search Engine, Text Analytics, Text Pre-processing and Optical Character Recognition. 

Combine the power of multiple arenas

Our “Meaning Match” algorithm extracts multiple arenas from your speech or text queries and provides you with most accurate results.  Feel free to express in complex sentences and will figure out the meaning. 

Fastest Speech Recognition

Our indigenous Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine recognizes your speech on the fly.  The speech recognition also works offline on your product. Our platform delivers a super powerful combination of Speech Recognition + Meaning Match + Conversational Artificial Intelligence, all from one place.


We provide the most flexible “Text-to-Speech” engine  With just a couple of hours of speech training, our engine will start speaking in your favorite voice. 

Fastest-Speech-Recognition by Nuronics
Multiple Clients by Nuronics

A client for every product

You can create a separate client on the platform for every product.  This keeps a tab on what queries are being executed and how much billing is incurred for that particular client. 

All your products in one platform

You can manage all your AI products on one single platform.   This helps you to remove or flag duplicate projects and hence reduce your overall billing.