About Nuronics

We are AI

Nuronics converts voice to meaning.  It creates Artificial Intelligence that help humans to interact with machines using their voice.  

Built by a team of passionate computer science and electronics experts, Nuronics does everything AI.  Inspired by how “neurons” form the basic working units of a brain, Nuronics aims to form the basic working units of Artificial Intelligence. 

Nuronics has mastered Automatic Speech Recognition, Meaning based Document Search, NLP, Text Pre-processing, Text-to-Speech  and Conversational AI. Our Nuronics platform hosts the most advanced “Meaning Match” based Document Search API that helps to extract the speech, meaning and context to deliver the most appropriate output to the user.  We built the most accurate search algorithm that provides answers by sifting through thousands of pages of documents within a fraction of a second.  We not only are better but we are the best in answering any question from those documents.  We also built our own Automatic Speech Recognition engines that are faster and highly accurate in the output.  Our platform delivers the power of Artificial Intelligence in clean and simple API calls that any developer can understand.  

Join the AI revolution with Nuronics.