Image Recognition

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Face Recognition

A facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. In general they work by comparing selected facial features from given image with faces within a database. It is typically used in security systems and can be compared to other biometrics such as fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems.Our Face Recognition engine which is based on neural networks is capable of training any number of images and can identify the faces accurately. It can also recognize faces from live video also. We are combining Face Recognition to identify the familiar faces in the videos along with Speech Recognition for specific application.


Object recognition – technology in the field of computer vision for finding and identifying objects in an image or video sequence. Object recognition algorithms rely on matching, learning, or pattern recognition algorithms using appearance-based or feature-based techniques.Our Object Recognition engine is highly customizable and is capable of training any kind of images and can identify the objects accurately. It can also recognise objects from live video also. This engine can be used to identify different object available in the images/videos from time to time to track the changes.


We are developing various Image Recognition based disease detection algorithms, in the form of Apps, to identify and detect the diseases linke Lung cancer, Kidney issues, and Pelvic Organ Diseases by investigating the CT scans. These advanced low cost products will become more prominent to promote rural health specially.

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