Instantly assist your customers
with AI-powered Voice & Chat Bots

Integrated seamlessly with Human-in-the-Loop and Document AI

Step into the future with our telecom-grade AI powerhouse for contact centers. Featuring advanced AI Engines, it intelligently deciphers caller requests, processing information from your website, help center, or designated resources. This ensures rapid and accurate responses, whether handled by a bot or Human-in-the-Loop. Elevate your Contact Center AI experience further by seamlessly integrating Document AI, making your journey into artificial intelligence smoother and more efficient.

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Streamline Collaborative Chaos with AI-Powered SaaS Platform

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What’s your hold time? We’ll
help you reduce it.

We're not just discussing a minor reduction in hold times of your contact center, but a significant improvement ranging from 30% to 50%.

AI Suggestions

Get AI-driven suggestions, smart prompts and deeper post call analysis for Human-in-the-Loop​

AI Voice Bot

Reduce costs and smoothen customer engagement through natural and efficient conversations

AI Chat Bot

Enhance customer engagement with Nuva's chatbot that directly integrates with our voice bot.

Document AI

Seamlessly integrates Document AI with chatbot and voicebot ensuring intelligent and swift interactions.

Meet your savings and quality requirements

Transform your business dynamics with the trifecta of AI suggestions, voice bots, and chat bots. Achieve unprecedented cost efficiency, streamline operations, and deliver service excellence through cutting-edge automation, creating a future-ready customer experience.

Learns Automatically

nuva is designed to autonomously learn from the content you supply, whether it's from a website, PDFs, Docs, databases, or any other machine-readable formats.

Schedules Appointments

nuva seamlessly schedules appointments and synchronizes them with your Google Calendar for effortless organization.

Sends URL and Locations

nuva is capable of sending essential information to your caller, including URLs, GPS locations, and appointment details, either through SMS or as WhatsApp messages.

Maintains History

nuva keeps a record of past interactions, enabling it to deliver highly relevant and personalized responses by understanding the context of previous conversations.

Nuronics-Nuva-Sentiment Analysis

Trained on telecom data

nuva is expertly trained on telecom data, boasting an automatic speech recognition system that effortlessly processes both 8 KHz and 16 KHz grade calls. With its advanced capability to identify keywords, dates, places, and nouns, Nuva supports analytics tailored to your specific needs. The platform excels in interpreting free-flowing speech in Natural Language and continually enhances its performance by learning from each call it handles.
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Available in multiple languages

nuva offers multilingual support, available in a diverse range of languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Tamil.

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