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Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing works based on credits.  Each API/Arena has a pre-defined number of credits that it would consume per request.

Your package selection comes with a daily included credits that you can use without any extra cost.  If you exceed the daily limit, you will be charged for the extra credits.

For the extra credits, Nuronics Platform adds a balance of $100 when you exceed the daily limit for the first time.  After that, whenever your account comes below $10, you will be automatically charged $100.  

You will get billed on 1st of every month. If you have started your service in the middle of the month, you will be charged pro rata for the remaining part of the month.  

You will be billed on 1st of every month.

Yes, the “Beginner” package is available free of cost.

Additional credits will be charged once you exceed the daily free credit usage.

The “Enterprise” version pricing depends on the scope and scale of the work. Feel free to get in touch and our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.